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Do you have a messy-crazy-beautiful life?  Me too.  Ever feel like you’re the only one?  So do I.  But guess what?  You are NOT alone.  I’ve received so many comments from readers that tell me they can so relate – to me, the subjects I write about, and to each other.  It doesn’t matter if our values, beliefs, family dynamics or dress-sizes differ.  Right here is an open, kind, loving, and fun community where you can just be yourself.


Hi there.  I’m Amanda.  My friends call me Mandy, and you can too (my mom calls me Panda Bear, but that might be taking it a bit far).  I started The Lorix Chronicles shortly after I had my second child. Writing became a creative outlet which helped me recover from Postpartum Depression.  This blog allows me to reflect on the meaningful, ridiculous, exciting, frightening, humorous, and life-changing experiences that I am lucky enough to have.

I am a thirty-something wife and mother living in West Michigan. I’ve been married to my husband Stewart (not his real name) since 2005, and we have two children. Beatrix (not hers either) was born in May of 2007 and Milo (ditto) was born in March of 2010.

Some might consider this a “mommy blog.”  That’s okay if you do.  But if you’re not a parent, this blog is for you too.  I have several readers who are child-free and still find the subjects I write about relevant to their lives.  Like Ray says on Everybody Loves Raymond, “It’s not really about the kids.”  It’s shamelessly, openly, honestly, all about me – and you.  My story and your story may not be the same, but I have this nagging feeling that we’re more similar than we think.

So welcome!  Grab a cup of coffee, tea, or mocha (my favorite), relax, sit back, and enjoy being part of this special community of kindred spirits.


(P.S.  If you like something I’ve written, or can relate, or have a similar experience, please comment!  One of my favorite things is to read what other people have to say – remember, it’s all about knowing that we’re not alone.)

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