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My name is Amanda. I am a thirty-something wife and mother living in West Michigan. I’ve been married to my husband Stewart since 2005, and we have two children. Beatrix was born in May of 2007 (she’s currently 3 years old) and Milo was born in March of 2010 (he’s currently 9 months old).

This blog is an honest look into my life, which at the moment is consumed with mothering, so I suppose this is a “mommy blog.” Like all moms, I have good days and bad days, and like the twenty percent or so who have postpartum depression, I also have horrendous days. I have amazing support through my family and friends, but some days I feel completely alone.

Writing is an amazing creative outlet for me. I am able to reflect on all the meaningful, stressful, ridiculous, fun, exciting, boring, humorous, frightening and life-changing experiences that come with motherhood. I love sharing my stories and I have found solace in knowing that others have experienced what I’m experiencing now. My story is not like everyone’s, but I have this nagging feeling there are people who will relate, whether they are parents or not. I created this blog for those people.

I’ll have some more posts coming soon, and plan to post at least once a week.  I’d love to know more about you. Are you a parent? If so, do you find it easy? Hard? Funny? Stressful? Do you have postpartum depression or know someone who does? Come on in, say hello and leave a comment! Don’t forget to subscribe to emails so you can be the first to read new posts from The Lorix Chronicles.


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  1. Alfreda Brodbeck
    Jan 07, 2011 @ 05:31:17

    Hi, Mandy, I am on the opposite side of the spectrum. I am 60 something and my children are grown. One lives on the West Coast, one is in prison and one is in heaven. I remember the mommy days like it was only yesterday. AND, I remember the postpartum depression. I have battled depression my entire adult life (and probably as a child as well) and the postpartum days were even worse. I am sure glad you have lots of family support. I did not in the early days but I do now. That is so crucial to overcoming the “black days”. My faith has been my strength and when it is weak, I have learned to lean on the faith and strength of others. So, today I am sending you a hug-full of my faith and strength. Even in the dark days, I can look back and see that there were blessings and joy. We just have to look extra hard to find them somedays.



  2. Pants
    Jan 06, 2011 @ 23:33:03

    Same here 🙂 Married 2006 Owen 3 and Tripp 1. Have been a survivor of ppd 2 times. Went med free the first time and have recently dropped meds, for the holistic go at it, meds just aren’t for me(not dogging any takers) Looking forward to hearing more and it’s always great to know us moms are not alone



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