That Mom

I’m in my early twenties, doing my grocery shopping at Meijer. In line in front of me is a woman with two children. A baby girl, maybe a year old, is sitting in the grocery cart, sucking on the cart and getting drool everywhere. She has a snotty nose. Her older brother, around three years old, is fingering all the candy bars.

“Mom, I need this. It’s my favorite.”

The mother ignores him and continues to unload the cart onto the belt.

The little boy falls to the floor again and begins to scream.

“Mom! I need the M&M’s! I need them! I’m going to get them!”

“Get up right now!” she says in an audible whisper, teeth clenched.

“I’m not getting up! I want the M&M’s! We’re getting the M&M’s!” He continues to lay on the floor.

Mom grabs him by the arm, yanks him up and swat! She strikes him on the bottom.

“You need to be quiet right now! We are not getting the M&M’s!”

He stands silent for a brief second, then lets out a never-ending wail.

I try not to look. I’m looking at the magazine rack. I can’t believe she just spanked her kid in the store. That’s so trashy.

I’ve seen it before and I can just imagine that kind of mom at home with her kids. You know, she’s the type that sits around watching TV while her children run around with no supervision or discipline. That’s why her kids are little brats. No one has taken the time to discipline them.

Yes, I am able to deduce from the little snippet of her life that I’ve seen here at the grocery store that this mom is a bad mom. More


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