All I Want to Say Is…

I want to write tonight.  I do.  But there’s just too much…stuff.  Too many thoughts to write, too many things to do.

Because, while I want to write, I also want to take the hour or two that my children are in bed to watch Once Upon A Time.  I have guilty pleasures.

I also need to figure out babysitting for the next couple months, and how I’m going to survive being a retail widow again this year, and dealing with something else that I can’t really talk about, but is stressing me out something fierce (don’t worry your pretty heads, it’s nothing too horrible).

Instead, tonight, I’ll just write a few things I’ve been thinking about.  Maybe I will do this every now and then, so at least I post something.  I haven’t given myself a weekly or monthly goal for blogging, because, let’s face it, I’m just not that kind of girl.  But maybe this way I can just say a few words, and keep them fresh in my mind, and can elaborate later.


All I want to say is…

– There is a reason why so many people in this world hate Christianity (and other religions as well), and that is quite possibly the reason some Christians (and followers of other religions) leave their faith.  Ponder that.

– It shouldn’t take more than five minutes for children to get ready for bed.  Brush teeth.  Go to the bathroom.  (A half hour later and they were surprised that they didn’t get to read books tonight?).  Seriously.

– I will continue to analyze, speculate, and decipher my life’s purpose and meaning.  I may never find my answer, but if I don’t question it, then I’m not being true to myself.

That is all.

For now.


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